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Why choose automatic PVC dripping machine?

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  In the plastics and rubber industry, the pvc dripping machine (dispensing machine) is an indispensable mechanical equipment, and the dispensing machine is also divided into manual and automatic dispensing machines. Compared with the manual dispensing machine, the automatic dripping machine is due to its high efficiency, labor saving, and high accuracy with a high reputation among customers. Why choose automatic dispensing machine for plastic and rubber products?

12 pvc dripping machines

1. Special software, easy to operate, multi-pin and multi-color, flexible configuration, simple operation, accurate dripping, and continuous feeding without stopping. The needle head can be expanded to 6-36 colors, and multiple needles can be dispensed at the same time. But the more commonly used are 12-color and 18-color automatic dripping machine.

12 colors pvc machine

2. Save labor costs and greatly improve production efficiency. One automatic dripping machine can replace the manual operation of 4-6 skilled workers. One person can operate several machines at the same time, which greatly saves labor costs. Several people can complete the work of dozens of people. quantity, shortening the production cycle. Solve the problems of difficulty in recruitment, large factory area and high input cost.

3. High precision, the rounding speed is fast and smooth, and the sound is low. Controlled by a dual-coordinate system, the precision can reach 0.01mm. The quality of the products produced is very stable, the thickness is consistent, the weight is uniform, and the product qualification rate is over 95%, which reduces the waste of raw materials.

pvc machine

 4.High stability: the automatic dripping machine can work 24 hours continuous, to solve the worries that large orders cannot be delivered in time!

Therefore, choosing an automatic dripping machine is more popular than manual dispensing machine.

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