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How to choose automatic dispensing machine

Dispensing technology is used more and more in the processing and manufacturing industry, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Manual dispensing will not be able to meet the needs of the industry and will gradually be replaced by automatic dispensing machines, which are wid

2023 07-27
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Precautions for automatic dispensing machine operation?

With the development of industrial automation, traditional manual dispensing machines are gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machines. Automatic dispensing machines have the advantages of accurate dispensing, fast efficiency, and high output, which can enable enterprises to achieve lar

2022 12-09
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Why choose automatic PVC dripping machine?

In the plastics and rubber industry, the pvc dripping machine (dispensing machine) is an indispensable mechanical equipment, and the dispensing machine is also divided into manual and automatic dispensing machines. Compared with the manual dispensing machine, the automatic dripping machine is due

2022 10-18
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Application of automatic dispensing machine

The automatic dispensing machine is an intelligent automatic control device that replaces manual dispensing. It can precisely dispense glue on various complex patterns on the mold, control the amount of glue at will, and choose different colors of glue at will. The speed of dispensing can be adju

2022 09-01
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Liquid PVC automatic dripping machine

Liquid PVC automatic dripping machine is an injection machine for liquid pvc,silicone,ink,paint.Used to make label,keychain,dolls,promation gift,tide play,protective case,coaster,mat,fridge magnet,frame photo,etc. Liquid PVC automatic dripping machine also can make label/trademark/logo press o

2021 07-21
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18 colors automatic pvc dripping machine for patch

18 colors automatic pvc dripping machine with 18 pcs worh head in one machine,it can work at same time.Aumatic pvc dripping machine with widely application,can make all of pvc products.Such as :DollsBadgesBar matLabel/patch Do Hearts fouch on automatic pvc dripping machine for more than 15 year

2022 05-26
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