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Precautions for automatic dispensing machine operation?

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      With the development of industrial automation, traditional manual dispensing machines are gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machines. Automatic dispensing machines have the advantages of accurate dispensing, fast efficiency, and high output, which can enable enterprises to achieve large-scale production goals. As a precision automatic machine, the automatic dispensing machine has strict requirements for safe operation, so what safety needs to be paid attention to?

1. Before starting the automatic dispensing machine, check whether the equipment is clean, has moisture and other factors that directly affect the operation of the equipment

2. Wear gloves and work clothes when working, and don't let the glue drip on your hands or body

3. The operating space of the automatic dispensing machine should be large enough. Do not pile too many things next to the equipment, nor put them on the equipment, so as not to hinder the work of the dispensing machine.

4. The operator is not allowed to touch the dispensing head, dispensing pen, guide rail and other moving parts with his hands in the working state to prevent pinching

5. In case of accident, press the "emergency stop" emergency button to stop the dispenser immediately

6. Regularly check the safety performance of the dispenser, such as grounding resistance, to avoid unsafe phenomena such as leakage.

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