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What machine do you need to make PVC patches?

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    The PVC patches is made by injecting PVC material into the mold through pvc dispenser machine.Making a pvc patches requires pvc materials, molds and machines.

rubber patch (2)

    Molds are carved by CNC engraving machines, and different patches designs require different molds . Molds can be purchased locally or from our company. If your products with many styles, you can purchase an CNC engraving machine. After the mold is engraved, the sandblasting machine cleaning the surface of the mold before it can be used.

    PVC material is made by pvc mixing machine mixing pvc powder and oil .In addition, different colors need to add different color paste to mixing.

After the material is mixed, the air in the material needs to be emptied to avoid air bubbles in the patches. This process is finished by vacuum barrels and vacuum pumps

    After the material is vacuumed, the material is poured into the material tank of the automatic dispensing machine. Then program the dispensing machine according to the patches design, and start the dispensing machine to inject the pvc material into the mold after programming.In generally, it need dispensing surface color at first and then heating it by heating oven. Second,dispensing base color of the patches,also need to heating,after heating,the pvc patches is completed.

    It can be seen from this, the machines needed to make a pvc patches include mold engraving machine (available to choose), sandblasting machine, pvc material mixing machine, vacuum barrel, vacuum pump,pvc dispenser, heating oven.

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