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Silicone rubber sports bracelet making machine

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Silicone rubber sports bracelet making machine

   Silicone rubber sports bracelet making machine  is the main molding equipment for various silicone rubber products and non-model products. It has the characteristics of exquisite structure, stable pressure, wide applicability and high efficiency.

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Features of silicone rubber sports bracelet making machine

●The function of fast rising, slow locking and fast descending of the moving template. The fast turning and slow turning of the closing die and the fast turning and slow turning of the exhaust can be adjusted separately to improve the production efficiency.

●The oil circuit configuration is more reasonable and reliable. When the product is vulcanized and formed, the oil pump motor stops working, and has the function of automatic pressure replenishment and oil pump shutdown delay.

● The deflation time, deflation times, heating temperature and vulcanization time can be set, which is easy to operate. It has two working modes: manual and automatic.

●In order to meet the technical requirements of special rubber, there are two program modes: program Ⅰ, the working mode of conventional flat vulcanizer; program Ⅱ, the working mode of transfer die.

● The electrical system adopts full computer control and electrical control, the control is more convenient, accurate and reliable.

●Using original imported oil pump oil circuit, proportional pressure flow compound valve control, low noise and low energy consumption.


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