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Silicone logo Transfer Machine Liquid Silicone Transfer Ironing Equipment Silicone Transfer Machine

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The advantages of silicone logo transfer machine liquid silicone transfer ironing equipment silicone transfer machine

1. High and low pressure control, stable and adjustable pressure, fast cylinder action.

2. Using PLC combined with touch screen, vacuum, glue sticking, vulcanization molding at one time, easy operation and energy saving.

3. Adjustable from room temperature to 400°C, using intelligent temperature control to control the temperature fluctuation range within ±2°C.

4. With a vacuum gas storage tank, the vacuuming time can be quickly shortened.

5. The vacuum and automatic emptying can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be used for automatic emptying for solid silicone products, and the vacuum effect for liquid silicone products is better.

6. There are 3 parts of pressure in this machine, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to needs, which is more convenient.

7. Pressure 30T, heating plate size: 400*400mm. There are 30T, 50T, 63T for customers to choose, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

The process of the silicone label transfer

1. Mix the raw materials of silicone 

2. Vacuum and remove air bubbles

3. Load the processed material into the silicone dispenser, inject it into the mold, and then put the transfer film

4. Put the mole into  silicone transfer vacuum vulcanizer for hot pressing, after pressing,remove excess material.

5. Put the mold on the freezing table to cool 

6. Press the transfer label onto clothes or textiles with press machine

7. Finished.

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