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How to make soft pvc rubber drip key chain

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    PVC soft keychain, also known as soft keychain, consists of a metal part and a soft rubber part. The main features of soft keychains are bright colors, soft texture, light weight, cute shape, and relatively low cost.

    PVC soft rubber is made of PVC powder and DINP oil through a series of heating and stirring to produce chemical reaction, and then cooling to solidify.

Manufacture: The production process of PVC soft keychain can be operated as follows.

1. Engraved keychain mold, which can be engraved according to customer requirements (any shape can be engraved).

2. Mold treatment, generally before using a new mold, it is necessary to clean the mold first, which can be cleaned with mold washing or PVC soft keychain waste, as long as the mold is cleaned. Next is the on-line production. Before going online, the mold should be heated, and the temperature should be moderately controlled, neither too hot nor too cold.

    After the mold is heated, the glue is dispensed. If you want colored soft glue, you need to mix the paint into the glue in advance and stir well. When dispensing glue, you need to pay attention to control the amount of glue and the precise control of the glue injection syringe. If the mold of the PVC soft keychain is complicated, the mold needs to be baked one or more times during the dispensing process. After the glue-dropping step is complete, place the mold on a baking tray set to 270 degrees to dry it. Because the temperature is too high, the deformation of the soft PVC keychain will affect subsequent operations, and wall climbing may occur. Then it's time for the bottom pan. Pay attention to the temperature control and bake the bottom brightly.

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