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What causes silicone rubber products to bubble(Ⅱ)

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 Solution of bubble in silicone products

2. The vulcanization time is too short 

Reason: The length of the vulcanization time determines whether the silicone product can be completely vulcanized. If the curing time is too short, it will not cause the silicone product to become soft after molding, and it is more likely to cause surface bubbles. Solution: Extend the curing time of silicone products.

3. The structure of the mold is unreasonable

Reason: The unreasonable design of the molding die for silicone products will also cause bubbles in the molding of silicone products. For example, the arrangement of the products in the mold, the partitioning method, the mold parting method, and the design of the size of the mold will cause bad bubbles. Solution: replace the mold

4. The cutting method and the discharging method of the raw materials are caused by the reasons: the discharging is arranged between the key and the key of the silicone product. At this time, if the pressure is applied, the raw material will flow into the bottom of the key from the side of the key and gradually fill the entire key, so that the The internal air overflows the mold with the filling of the raw materials. Solution: Adjust the cutting thickness of the raw materials when cutting the raw materials.

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