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What causes silicone rubber products to bubble(Ⅰ)

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   Silicone products are widely used in the market, such as silicone rubber,silicone kitchen utensils,silicone bracelets,silicone buttons, silicone mobile phone cases, silicone keychains, silicone promation gifts,silicone doll toys, etc. However, in the production process of silicone products, it may be affected by factors such as raw materials and operations, and there will be some defects. Products, such as bad bubbles, then how do the bad bubbles of silicone products come about? Is there a solution to this?

   After the silicone product is formed, white bubbles or small white dots appear on the product, that is, wind and traces. That is, the bubbles are bad. After tearing or cutting the bubbles with a knife, you can see that the inside of the bubbles is honeycomb-like (sponge-like), and the hand feels soft and sticky. The following focuses on the reason and solution to the problem of poor bubbles in silicone products?

1.Reason f low vulcanization temperature: the vulcanization temperature is usually set at 160~200 degrees Celsius when the silicone product is formed. The operation time outside the mold is too long or for other reasons, the mold has not been opened to the vulcanizer for a long time to heat, and the temperature of the mold The vulcanization temperature of the silicone product is too low, resulting in the formation of bubbles after the silicone product is formed.

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