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What's the application of the high frequency 3D leather label?

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Hello everyone, when it comes to high-frequency leather labels, you may be relatively unfamiliar. High-frequency technology is a high-frequency machine that generates high temperature through instantaneous current, plus the effect of molds, forming uneven bumps on the material, also known as high-frequency voltage. .

After the high-frequency voltage is applied, the uneven three-dimensional effect will be formed on the leather label, which is the high-frequency three-dimensional leather label, or the high-frequency voltage label.

After the high-frequency voltage standard is completed, we can apply the high-frequency voltage to the required fabrics, such as luggage leather, microfiber leather, clothing fabric pieces, shoe materials, gift bags, etc. desired stereo effect.

Therefore, high-frequency leather labels are now used in clothing, luggage, shoe materials, leather bags and other fields.

Of course, the shape of our molds can be made into shapes according to the design requirements, such as round, heart, and English letters.

The material can also be selected from TPU or PVC according to the needs, and the colors include normal black and white, electroplating gold, electroplating silver, etc.

In short, high-frequency voltage labels are inseparable from design, and good design needs to be combined with craftsmanship to make a suitable leather label

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