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How to make convex embossing of garment pieces

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   The garment convex embossing process is a method of locally forming and processing the fabric by high-temperature hot pressing or high-frequency voltage on the garment pieces by opening the mold.

embossed cloth

This is garment convex embossingn effect,high temperature forming of fabric mold

   The front of the clothing can also be used to make a three-dimensional LOGO prominent effect. Directly use high-frequency hot pressing to heat the LOGO on the front of the fabric.

   Dohearts is a manufacturer that pays attention to the production of garment embossing machines can make various embossing effects . With 20 years of experience, our embossing machines have the advantages of automatic temperature control, automatic mold clamping, and adjustable temperature. it can be pneumatic, hydraulic, with PLC control, and have two head machine, 6 head machine, also accept customization. Various embossing effects can be made

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