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Why choose hydraulic embossing machine instead of pneumatic embossing machine

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   First of all, the hydraulic embossing machine adopts the hydraulic system on the construction machinery, and the advantages are that the pressure is large enough, the operation is stable, quiet, and the interference from the outside world is small. Of course, the accompanying cost is also relatively higher than that of the pneumatic embossing machine. The pneumatic embossing machine uses the air source as the power source, the pressure is small, and the running stability is easily affected by the pressure of the air source. Compared with the hydraulic embossing machine, the cost is lower.

Air pressure embossing machine

   The same size, the same heating area, but the pressure that the two can achieve is completely different. The machine of the same specification uses an embossing machine powered by air source, and the maximum pressure is 4 tons. If it is an embossing machine powered by hydraulic pressure, the maximum pressure can reach 10 tons. So how to choose an embossing machine, first of all, you have to determine the size of your product and its attributes. If it is a small piece, or the pressure requirement is not high, and it is purely used for the planting process, then the pneumatic embossing machine is also fully competent, if it is a large product. The pressure requirements are high, and a certain pressure is needed to achieve the embossing and embossing to make a concave and convex shape. At this time, it is necessary to choose a hydraulic embossing machine.

Hydraulic double head compound machine (7)

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