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Customization A B glue coating machine for narrow tapes

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   Do hearts is the professtional manufacturer and supplier of AB glue coating machine. Our engineer incorporate professional design and customer demand that make sure to design versatile and meet customer demand coating machines and increase production strength.For example, the coating machine shown in the picture below, according to the characteristics and requirements of the customer's elastic tape/webbing and the requirements of AB glue, combined with the production  and corporate culture, our engineers specially designed this coating machine for him.


  The benefit of this AB glue coating machine

A. It has a high-precision gluing effect, improves the traditional manual gluing process, and improves the process quality and accuracy

B. It has a high degree of automation and PLC control, which effectively reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency

C.A, B glue balance is not biased, adopts automatic adjustment method to ensure 1:1 output of two barrels of glue.

D. Add color paste evenly. A variety of color paste adding methods, accurate addition, uniform color mixing

E. Safe and energy-saving, easy to operate

F. Injection stability

  If you are looking for this economical and easy operation coating machine, please contact us. Dongguan Do Hearts Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of coating machines. We have an experienced technical team that continuously develops, manufactures, sells and provides first-class services to create high-quality coating machines.


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