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What is silicone printing machine

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What is silicone printing machine

    The silicone printing machine is a machine that transfers the ink to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part through the extrusion of the scraper during printing to form the same graphic as the original. The material is silica gel, which is a kind of gold screen printing.

What are the avantages of the silicone printing machine?

    It features strong stretch, fade resistance, and abrasion resistance. Non-toxic and tasteless, it has the characteristics of strong imitation and high temperature resistance. It has a strong three-dimensional effect and gloss, and has a good anti-slip effect.

What is the application of silicone printing machine?

(1) Multi-color printing at one time without registration, perfect color transition and perfect visual effect.

(2) One-piece printing, no need for plate making, no need for film, low cost, taking into account the printing of small batches of products.

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