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Why choose automatic PVC dripping machine?

In the plastics and rubber industry, the pvc dripping machine (dispensing machine) is an indispensable mechanical equipment, and the dispensing machine is also divided into manual and automatic dispensing machines. Compared with the manual dispensing machine, the automatic dripping machine is due

2022 10-18
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18 colors automatic pvc dripping machine for patch

18 colors automatic pvc dripping machine with 18 pcs worh head in one machine,it can work at same time.Aumatic pvc dripping machine with widely application,can make all of pvc products.Such as :DollsBadgesBar matLabel/patch Do Hearts fouch on automatic pvc dripping machine for more than 15 year

2022 05-26
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What is the working principle of pvc dripping machine

What is the working principle of pvc dripping machine? The pvc dispensing machine working principle is compressed air is fed into the glue barrel, and the pvc is pressed into the feed pipe connected to the piston chamber. When the piston is in the upper stroke, the piston chamber is filled with pvc

2022 04-02
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Do you know about the automatic liquid pvc rubber dispensing machine?

At present, the automatic pvc dispensing machine has the following performance characteristics. It adopts a precision motor and a precision guide rail as a three-axis transmission method. According to the process requirements, it can also be based on the desktop platform architecture to adopt a fou

2021 12-02
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How to use the pvc dispensing machine?

High-viscosity pvc usually has poor fluidity and requires a lot of pressure to squeeze out the pvc Therefore, for the convenience of dispensing, the general high-viscosity automated pvc dispensing machine is equipped with a heating device, and the PVC has high fluidity when heated, which is convenient and easy. Dispensing, the amount of pvc is easy to control.

2021 12-15
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