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Maintenance of plastic dropping machine/dispensing machine

The daily maintenance of the dispenser directly affects the service life of the dispenser. The daily work of dispensing machine maintenance has a great influence on the service life of the dispensing machine, including the smoothness of the normal use process. The following are the daily mainte

2023 08-07
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How to choose automatic dispensing machine

Dispensing technology is used more and more in the processing and manufacturing industry, and the requirements are becoming more and more stringent. Manual dispensing will not be able to meet the needs of the industry and will gradually be replaced by automatic dispensing machines, which are wid

2023 07-27
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What is PVC dispensing machine

PVC dispensing machine is mirco injection machine,with 12 colors,18 colors,24 colors,36 colors.Mainly used to make PVC Cartoon Sticker Making/Dispensing Machine mainly used to make sticker /photo frame/ key chain /luggage tag /key covers / lighter covers/mouse mat/ hair clip/ brooch/refrigerator

2023 02-17
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What's the advantages of automatic pvc dispensing machine?

Automatic pvc dispensing machine can replaces manual dispensing machine to realize intelligent production,that with teaching box operating system, easy to learn and understand. Dispensing functions can dispensing points, lines, faces, arcs, circles and irregular curves; the dispensing software has

2022 11-09
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Which is better: automatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing machine

The pvc dispensing machine is mainly composed of two parts: the control system and the machine structure. Commonly used pvc dispensing machine control systems include LOGOSHOP, CRS-DriptMold and so on. After the chemical reaction occurs through subsequent heating, various colors of PVC or rubbe

2022 10-28
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Why choose automatic PVC dripping machine?

In the plastics and rubber industry, the pvc dripping machine (dispensing machine) is an indispensable mechanical equipment, and the dispensing machine is also divided into manual and automatic dispensing machines. Compared with the manual dispensing machine, the automatic dripping machine is due

2022 10-18
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