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How to clean automatic dispenser machine?

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  With the wide application of automatic dispenser machine,  how to clean dispenser is a problem as for by many users. The following will teach you how to clean the automatic dispenser.

1. The traditional cleaning method uses solvents such as dichloromethane, DMF and other volatile solvents to clean the mixing head. This method cleans more thoroughly and costs less. But its biggest disadvantage is that it pollutes the environment. Because it is a chemical product, it is volatile and toxic, and it is not recyclable, which is inconsistent with the trend of green environmental protection. Therefore, its use is limited, and it is gradually not accepted by the market and is slowly eliminated .

Second, high-pressure water cleaning. Although this method is non-toxic, low cost, and easy to operate, there is a common problem of incomplete cleaning in the industry; at the same time, high-pressure water cleaning will waste water resources and generate a large amount of industrial waste water, so it is not an optimal cleaning method.

3. Use recyclable environmentally friendly solvent for cleaning. From a social point of view, this method is the most recommended. Environmental protection, recyclable and good cleaning effect. However, as an enterprise, this is not a good choice, because this method is expensive and requires a separate environmental protection system and equipment to be used together, which is difficult for enterprises to accept. In general, at present, there has not been a cleaning method that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the dispensing machine market. Therefore, it is necessary to increase research and development efforts, actively innovate, and strive to develop inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaning products as soon as possible to promote the development of the dispensing machine industry.

   In fact, the automatic dispensing machine has its own cleaning function, and white electric oil is the best choice for cleaning. If there are silicone raw materials that have not been used up that day, keep them in the refrigerator for freshness, and it does not matter if you can continue to use them the next day. If it is pvc raw material, you can also not put it in the refrigerator. There are also customers who will report to us that the needle of the dispenser will be blocked. This is that the raw materials have not been cleaned up. Here is a trick for you. When pouring the raw materials, you can add a filter to filter it. If someone asks what kind of filter is more suitable, I will recommend one for you -- stockings. Filtering with stockings is a good and economic option. Only clean and hygienic PVC (silicone) material can ensure the continuous and efficient production of the glue dispenser.

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