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PVC rubber dispenser application in keychain

PVC keychain is a decorative item hanging on the key ring. It is exquisite and small, with ever-changing shapes.This keychain made by PVC rubber dispenser has various effects, and the surface can be flat, 2D, 3D, etc.; it is suitable for home decoration, occasions, promotions, and various industr

2022 05-26
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Weclome domestic customet visit automatic pvc dispenser label making machine

Weclome domestic customet visit our company and automatic pvc dispenser label making machine The automatic pvc dispenser machine main used to dispensing liquid material for making rubber products.With 12 colors and 18 colors to choice. Besides,we have 4 colors and 8 colors pvc dispenser ma

2022 05-23
What kind of liquid is suitable for the dispenser machine

What kind of liquid is suitable for the dispenser machine? Dispenser can used to various solvents, adhesives, paints, chemical materials, solid glue, etc., including silicone, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, AB glue, quick-drying glue, epoxy glue, polyurethane glue, sealant, hot glue, grease, Silver

2022 04-07
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How to clean automatic dispenser machine?

With the wide application of automatic dispenser machine, how to clean dispenser is a problem as for by many users. The following will teach you how to clean the automatic dispenser.1. The traditional cleaning method uses solvents such as dichloromethane, DMF and other volatile solvents to clean

2022 03-28
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What is dispensing machine?

Dispensing machine, also known as dripping machine,filling machine, glue applicator, glue dispenser, glue machine, etc., is specially designed to control the fluid. Dispensing machine is a automatic machine that drips and coats the fluid on the surface of the product or inside the product can re

2022 03-09
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what's product can be made by pvc dispenser?

The pvc dispenser ,as known as pvc dispensing machine, pvc dripping machine,pvc fiiling machine or liquid dispensing machine, is specially designed to control the fluid. An automatic machine that drips and coats the fluid on the surface or inside of the product.It can make all pvc rubber products.Such as :pvc label,photo frame,key chain,luggage tag,key covers,lighter covers,mouse mat,hair clip,brooch,refrigerator magnets,coasters,bar mat,table mat,car mat,bottle opener,anti slip mat ,USB flash disk cover,card reader cover, mobile phone straps ,mobile phone holder,mobile cleaner,mobile phone cover, file clamp,lanyards,zipper puller,etc.

2022 01-19
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