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The advantages of silicone coating machine

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The advantages of silicone coating machine

  The automatic silicone coating machine is mainly for the tension belt and non-tension belt coating with the total width of the ribbon within 60mm, because the tension sensor motor speed and PLC control are used to control the glue pumping. Therefore, the speed of the clamping force is very stable, and the actual operation is very convenient. In addition, it can complete various caoting functions such as parallel lines, wavy patterns, mesh patterns, and dots (this function needs to be equipped separately). It can also be equipped with filling color equipment to paint a variety of shades.

  Silicone coating machine is equipped with automatic glue supply system software, which is convenient for actual operation, efficient in production and stable in characteristics, and can complete the production of 1 or 2 additional ribbons;

It is mainly used for non-elastic webbing, underwear straps, extensible webbing, lace edge surface layer silicone coating, which has the effect of anti-slip and non-slip, and can improve the tensile force of the product, air permeability, hypoallergenic, and the webbing and skin contact Soft without streaks, it has the effect of maintaining the skin.

The machinery and equipment can automatically analyze the production volume, automatically adjust the support force of the goods, and automatically measure and verify the silica gel. Automatic identification of common faults, automatic shutdown. The machine is equipped with automatic filling color system software, which can add various color pastes and spices to the silica gel to make the products more diverse.

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