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How to use automatic production line to produce shoe soles

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How to make pvc rubber shoes sole?

Step 1: Fill the surface color first, which can be dispensed manually or automatically. After dispensing, the coloring is completed.

Step 2: When the surface color filling is completed, put the mold into the automatic production line and automatically send it to the running water oven for preliminary plasticization

Step 3: After the plasticization is completed, it will automatically enter the cold mold area to cool the mold to a suitable temperature.

Step 4: Dripping the bottom material with automatic 8 colors dripping machine or manual dripping machine

Step 5: After the bottom material dripping is completed, enter the forming line oven, bake and form,

Step 6: After baking, it will automatically enter the cold water tank for cooling.

Step 7: After it flows out from the cold water tank, the mold is released for quality inspection, the quality inspection is qualified, and the process is completed.

   The speed,bake,cold mold time,of the sole production line can be automatically set according to different products.

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