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What to pay attention to when using a rubber mixer(B)?

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 3. Master the heating rate, especially in the cold winter in the north, the outside of the roller is the same as the room temperature, the high temperature steam is suddenly introduced into the roller, the temperature difference between the inside and outside may be above 120 ℃, and the stress of the roller caused by the temperature difference can reach 130.0~~I50. 0MPa, which has exceeded the U.1 = 140.OMPa of cast iron. If the rubber compound is added too early, the roller is very easy to be damaged under the superposition of lateral pressure. For safety reasons, it should be preheated in advance, and the heating rate should be controlled at 1 ~ 2 °C/min.

4. The material should also be inspected before placing the material. If it is mixed with hard metal debris, it will be put into the rubber mixing machine with the rubber, which will cause the transverse pressure to suddenly increase and directly cause equipment damage. Or the cutter on the operator's hand fell into the roller during the test. There is a special protective device here. The operator pushes the control door with his knee (there is a sticker on the machine). Note: When placing the material, it should be added little by little to avoid damage to the machine caused by the hard material.

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