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Semi-automatic dispensing machine for pvc silicone ink

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   Semi-automatic dispensing machine with 4 dripper and heating cooling system, can independently complete the processing and production of pvc and silicone products.

    Semi-automatic dispensing machine detail:

semi-automatic dispensing machine-3semi-automatic dispensing machine

semi-automatic dispensing machine-1semi-automatic dispensing machine-2


   Semi-automatic dispensing machine can make PVC signs, PVC non-slip mats, PVC bar mats, coasters, non-slip mats, refrigerator magnets, PVC photo frames, PVC car mats, zipper pullers, PVC drop plastic soles, PVC shoe welts, Disney keychain pendants, doll toys. And  silicone silicone trademarks, silicone signs, silicone mobile phone sets, silicone watch straps, and other silicone jewelry gifts and toys.

ko (11)bar matpvc label (23)pvc product (30)

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