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Problems and solutions in the production of silicone rubber gifts

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   Silicone gifts are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, oxidation-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, uncompressed, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-slip and other characteristics. The product design is unique, the styles are various, and the colors are various, so it is widely welcomed by the public. In the production of silicone gifts, there will also be problems such as corner cracking, mold clamping and cracking. Many silicone rubber products have low hardness, arc and In the case of a cylindrical shape, it is very easy to cause side bursting. Therefore, Dongguan Do Hearts Technology Co.,ltd.  has summarized the reasons and solutions for side bursting in the production of silicone gifts!

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What's the reasons?

   The main reason for the explosion of silicone products is that silicone gifts have a certain curvature when the product hardness is low, and there is a certain internal gap when the upper and lower molds are closed, which will cause the product to explode. The most common is the round low-hardness product. , so this is mainly caused by factors such as a certain internal clearance inside the mold and CNC correction and tool compensation during the mold processing.

   The second reason is that the fluidity of the raw materials is too poor, and the raw materials are inherently low in hardness, so there is an error when adding silica gel and vinyl silicone oil. Combined with the time temperature of the machine itself and the pressure adjustment point, the product edge burst phenomenon, this phenomenon can be from Make some adjustments on the machine! The vulcanization speed is unstable. When the temperature between the machine and the mold rises or falls, the product often has edge bursting and bulging. When the temperature and time of the machine are adjusted, a cycle is often formed, and the product edge bursting cannot be permanent solution!

  What's the solutions?

   When the silicone manufacturer is processing the mold, try to reduce the gap between the upper and lower molds, maintain the normal vulcanization processing and production during the processing of the silicone product manufacturer, and increase the mixing degree of the raw material and the vulcanized material during mixing, and try to make the raw material as much as possible. Maintain uniform mixing, control the weight and placement of silicone products during production and processing, and reduce the temperature of the machine, so that when the product explodes, there will be no edge cracks. !

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