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pvc soft keychain making dispensing process?

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   The dispensing process used in PVC soft keychain gifts is also called micro-injection process. After the PVC soft collagen material is adjusted in color, it is loaded into 12-color dispensing machine, and the molding is set on the pcb, and the machine will automatically inject the raw materials into the mold. Inside the color wall, it is cooled and formed after being baked at a high temperature.

The production process of pvc soft keychain:

1. Open the mold, make the corresponding renderings according to the requirements, select the computer engraving, and open the corresponding mold.  

2. Toning, according to the requirements of the picture, that is, harmonize PVC powder, vegetable oil, PVC oil, stabilizer, and color paste to achieve the required color and hardness.  

3. To make the goods, inject the raw material with a needle tube at the corresponding position of the mold according to the drawing, and pass the high temperature (180-200 degrees ) on the test table to solidify the liquid material in layers. Generally, the number of baking should be determined according to the product condition. Cool on a damp towel one at a time. until get final sample.

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