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What is the meaning of silicone dispenser machine?

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The silicone dispenser machine is a special type of silicone that can form a strong three-dimensional pattern on the surface of textiles by using a silicone machine through high-frequency molding methods. The silicone trademark rubber products made by silicone machine are ideal products to replace traditional PVC materials, whether for the human body or the environment.

What are the commonly used accessories for silicone dispenser machine?

What are the advantages of silicone dispenser machine?

Why choose a silicone dispenser machine?

silicone dispenser

What are the commonly used accessories for silicone dispenser machine?

The silicone dispenser machine is commonly known as glue applicator, and it is called differently according to different glues. Glue for different systems such as: silica gel, COB black glue, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, AB glue, quick-drying glue, epoxy glue, sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, thermal paste , Anti-solder paste, transparent paint, EPOXY (black glue), white glue, SILICON, epoxy resin, instant glue, screw fixing agent are required to adjust the relevant parameters suitable for glue processing and production settings.

What are the advantages of silicone dispenser machine?

1. No corrosion: silicone dispenser machine glue organic silicon belongs to dealcoholization reaction and will not corrode metals and LED devices;

2. Fast curing: the operating time of silicone dispenser machine can be adjusted within 30 minutes, and it will not flow when placed vertically at 2 hour, which improves efficiency

3. Good fluidity: the silicone dispenser machine can quickly self-level, and can use automatic glue filling equipment;

4. Good adhesion: The cured product has good adhesion to the module shell (metal, plastic, etc.) and LED;

5. The silicone dispenser machine has excellent high and low temperature resistance, good flexibility and excellent electrical insulation properties;

6. Excellent moisture-proof performance, silicone dispenser machine glue silicone has a structural self-hydrophobic performance, and the overall is hydrophobic;

7. Excellent mildew resistance; excellent weather resistance: anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging;

8. The silicone dispenser machine is highly repairable, and the sealed components can be taken out for repair and replacement, and then repaired with this potting glue.

Why choose a silicone dispenser machine?

The silicone dispenser machine is also known as a glue filling machine that specialises in fluid control.The automatic machine, which drips and coats the liquid on the surface of the product or the inside of the product, can realize a three-dimensional and four-dimensional delivery, precise positioning, precise control of the adhesive, no pulling, no leakage, no adhesive.The silicone dispenser machine is mainly used to direct glue, paint and other liquids in the product process precisely to the exact position of each product, to inject, apply and drip. It can be used to achieve points, lines, circles or arches.

There are many types of adhesives that can be used to equip silicon dispensers, and silicone is just one of them.Ceiling gel is mainly used for gluing, sealing, filling and other functions of products, and many industrial products are used.Equipment features: It can perform quantitative positioning and dosing operations.

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