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What is PVC?

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  What is PVC

   PVC is a rubber material that is widely used in life, and almost everyone has used something made of PVC. PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride. Using amorphous materials as raw materials, it has super high performance in anti-oxidation, anti-acid and anti-reduction. Polyvinyl chloride also has high strength and excellent stability, and is non-flammable, resistant to corrosive damage caused by climate change. It is a very good material, because of its high safety, it can be seen everywhere in life.

  At the same time, as a plastic product with a huge global output, PVC is divided into two types of soft and hard PVC, which provide different choices for different use occasions. Among them, soft PVC is usually used as a surface material for floors and ceilings, while hard PVC materials are more used in corrugated boards, door and window structures, and various chemical industry manufacturing. And PVC material is also changeable. By adding different additives, the physical properties and mechanical properties of PVC can be changed, and it can be used in different occasions. For example, the soft and hard PVC mentioned above can even be made into transparent materials for special needs.


PVC characteristic

  PVC material not only has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, non-flammability, insulation, oxidation resistance, etc., but also because of its reprocessing and low production costs, PVC has always maintained a high sales volume in the material market. This is also due to its wide range of uses and affordable prices. A variety of functions have not made it worthwhile, but have been occupying a piece of the material market at a cheap price. At present, the improvement and design technology of PVC materials in my country have reached the international advanced level. From the previous need to import special PVC materials from abroad, we can now use our self-developed PVC to replace imports, and start to export products to foreign countries.

PVC products

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   pvc label machine 2d keychain3D pvc keychain

                     PVC rubber label                                                    2D pvc keychain                                                     3D pvc keychain

pvc usb cover pvc shoe upper pvc shoe sole

                          PVC USB cover                                                PVC shoes upper                                                        PVC shoes sole

pvc cup mat pvc bar mata pvc 3d doll       

                         PVC cup mat                                                   PVC bar mat                                                                  PVC dolls

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