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How to operation cabinet type coating machine

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What products can make by cabinet type coating machine?

   Automatic Cabinet Type Coating Machine is used for the silicone coating on the lace,  tape,ribbon,webbing,norrow fabric,narrow tape,wide band,nylon belt,underwear shoulder straps, non-elastic webbing, elastic webbing, edge wrapping, etc., as well as silicone coating on the surface of various textiles. Especially for socks, underwear straps, underwear and other products.Increase the tensile force of the product, environmental protection and ventilation,

elastic tape embossing machine

What is the function of the cabinet type coating machine?

   Automatic cabinet type coating machine have line type coating, wave type coating, reticulation type coating, wider-band lace coating and other choice.

How to operation cabinet Type Coating Machine?

  Do Hearts cabinet type coating machine can to choose one part coating silicone pump and two parts coating silicone pump.and also can coating 

multi color on products.

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