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What are the steps of using label machine?

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The use of label machine can help companies greatly reduce the cost of employment, and also improve work efficiency and productivity. A large number of products can be affixed with beautiful, clear labels and so on.

silicone label making machine

What should we do if the label machine breaks?

What are the common label machines on the market?

What points should be paid attention to during the use of label machine hot melt adhesive label machine?

What should we do if the label machine breaks?

The label machine is prone to wrinkles. The common reason is the shrinkage and expansion between the surface material and the article. If the surface material is a paper material, because it contains a lot of wood fiber, it will expand if it touches a space with a high humidity, and it may shrink at a low temperature. This will cause wrinkling. It is recommended that you put a waterproof varnish or cover a layer of film on the surface of the paper, so that the moisture absorption of the label can be guaranteed to a certain extent. If it is a finished product, you can put the label in a humid environment and wait until the label is wet before performing the labeling work.

What are the common label machines on the market?

1. Round bottle label machine: Generally used for cylindrical bottle labeling, there are two labeling methods, one is horizontal labeling, that is, the bottle lies flat on the conveyor belt to complete the labeling process, and the other is vertical labeling. The label is to stand directly on the label. Semi-automatic round bottle label machines are generally horizontal labeling, while automatic round bottle label machines have both horizontal and vertical types.

2. Flat label machine: It is the label machine for the surface of the object, for example, you only want to paste a bar code or label the bottle cap. This is generally the vertical type, and there are few horizontal labeling.

3. Double-sided label machine: Both sides of flat bottle products are labeled, this is the double-sided labeling.

In fact, there are many products that can be labeled with a label machine, and most of them are customized label machines, that is, label machines that are specially customized according to product needs.

What points should be paid attention to during the use of label machine hot melt adhesive label machine?

1. When the adhesive layer of the label machine is too thick, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will cause the label to shift.

2. The temperature of the glue used in the label machine should be moderate. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity will decrease and the labeling will be inaccurate. Excessive temperature will cause the glue to overflow during labeling and affect the appearance of the product, so the use of glue must be adjusted according to the temperature required by the label.

3. It is very important to choose the right label in combination with the product.

4. The label machine should be cleaned regularly, such as rotating wheels, label boxes, squeegee, rubber rollers, etc. Familiarity is the prerequisite for driving, and the details determine the duration of use. A little more care will definitely bring greater value.

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