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What is silicone embossing machine?

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   The silicone embossing machine is mainly used for embossing, foaming, wrinkling and trademark pressing on various fabrics.

It can also emboss logo/label and various shades of patterns on non-woven fabrics, coatings, artificial leather, paper, and simulate leather,etc.


Sample for reference

   Silicone embossing machine also can embossing label on clothes, jeans,leathers,hats ects.

fabric embossing machine-1

     Our silicone embossing machine is equipped with slipway, hot embossing, it is convenient, simple operation, labor-saving. and the processing is controlled by PLC, more safe and accurate.

     It has two working types: manual or automatic, the time and frequency of air-bleed can be set up as well as the forming temp and time.

    Besides, we also offer match machine and material, give you one station solution makes you make finished product smoothly.


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