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Automatic embossing logo machine for embossing logo on elastic tape

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   Eastic tape embossing machine is mainly used for embossing, font, and shape on webbing and elastic tape. This equipment is advanced in production, manufactured with imported technology, and its accessories are developed with multiple processes. Fully automatic embossing operation, saving labor and fast work, is a webbing embossing equipment.

Elastic tape embossing machine weight: 250kg

For detailed parameters, please refer to the following consultation

This equipment, it has automatic tape feeding, tape take-up function, computer automation, with hot pressing and high frequency function.

Can be used for all kinds of webbing, nylon belt, PP belt, wrapping belt, luggage belt, safety belt, webbing, underwear shoulder strap, elastic belt, etc.

For different tapes, you can choose to create different effects. This device also has a hot stamping function.

Introduce advanced  technology, import parts, and assemble domestically to ensure product quality;

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