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Auto Socks Printer machine For Textile Socks Printer

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Auto Socks Printer For Leggings Textile Socks Printer Machine

Socks Printer Machine used for sock,gloves,underwear printing. The machine host body is from using iron molding technology, high temperature, deformation; Japan SMC original master cylinder, the other is Air TAC original cylinders and sensors, Taiwan Taida original servo motors and planetary gear reducer, Japanese original Mitsubishi PLC, infrared ray heat pipe structure of high-quality components.

The machine is equipped with 24/20/8 groups of socks/gloves/underwear board planes. Each plane is loaded 2 socks/glove plates or 1 underwear. The plate center distance is 125mm.For example the width of the sock board is 80mm, then the socks plate space is 45mm.

socks silicone printing machine-1

Features of Auto Socks Printer

1.Each arm has independent control system.

2.It can adjust the position according to the size of design printing.

3.It can adjust the squeegee pressure and angle according to the thickness of the print.

4.Printing frequency can be controlled(1-3times)

5.It suits for hot setting, silica gel, water slurry, mucilage, oiliness etc.

6.Printing plate can arbitrarily rotate right and left.

7.After printed into the 5m oven showed the perfect printing effect.

Specification of silicone screen printing machine



Samples of Socks Printer Machine


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