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What is a vulcanizing machine

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What is a vulcanizing machine

  The vulcanizing machine is a machine for vulcanizing various rubber and plastic products. It has the functions of timing mold clamping, automatic pressure supplementation, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, and alarm when it arrives. The vulcanizing machine is divided into three forms: electric heating, steam heating and heat transfer oil heating.

  The functions of pre-heating required for the rubber vulcanization process, automatic exhaust after feeding, pressure-holding vulcanization, timing alarm, automatic mold opening, and product mold release are integrated into one. It is generally controlled by PLC, with automatic and manual operation (customized according to the actual needs of users), which can record the required technological process, remote operation and system management.

The surface temperature of the hot plate is uniform, the temperature is controlled accurately, the temperature controller can accurately record the temperature data, the pressure is stable and reliable, and the operation is safe and convenient. The medium and high-end machines are manufactured on the premise that the pre-commissioning time for mass production is short, the equipment is highly reliable, Do Hearts vulcanizing machine provides production efficiency and obtains significant economic benefits.


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