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How to make silicone label?silicone label prodcution line

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How to make silicone label? It is about 7 steps for making silicone label:

Step 1,mixing liquid silicone with catalyst and color by table type stirring machine.

Step 2, vacuum liquid silicone,take the air bubble out in vacuum machine.

Step 3,filling liquid part by autoamtic silicone dispensing machine(4/6/12/18/24/36 colors available) or manual dispensing.

Step 4,automatic oven baking and cooling liquid part.

Step 5,At same time,mixing solid silicone  with catalyst and colors.

Step 6,cut solid silicone sheet from in roll types by cutting machine or manual tools.

Step 7,silicone press machine for heating and pressing for forming.

silicone label making process

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