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6 head embossing machine for gloves and hats

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6 head embossing machine for gloves and hats

6 head embossing machine with 2 heating + 4 cooling system or 4 heating + 2 cooling system,availabel to choose according to clients' requirement.The embossing machine can press different logo,letters and pattern on cloth,fabrics,jeans,gloves and hats,etc.

6 head embossing machine

6 head embossing machine specification

Model DH-SM05-1 DH-SM05-2
Working head
 2 heating +4 cooling 4 hating+2 cooling 
Heating plate dimension 200*300mm 200*300mm
slider size 500*400mm 500*400mm
Heating 5KN 5KN
Air pressure 6kg/cm2 6kg/cm2
Voltage AC/380V AC/380V
Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling
Dimension 2500*1300*1800
Power 8.5kw 12kw
Weight 680kg 780kg

Some products made by embossing machine

gloves embossing machine-1 (2)gloves embossing machine-3gloves embossing machine-1 (1)gloves embossing machine-6gloves embossing machine-2gloves embossing machine-5

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