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What are the processing methods of silicone label

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1. Printing logo: mainly for monochrome, the printing process was a relatively immature industry in the early days, and the printed ink would fall off after a long time, and the ideal effect could not be achieved; after years of research and development by domestic enterprises, now Domestic printing technology has matured, and the definition of screen printing is very good. After printing, it will basically not fade, and consumers can use it with confidence!

2. In-mold transfer printing: mainly for the production of multi-color logo patterns, mainly processed by heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, etc. The production is relatively complicated and the efficiency is relatively low, but the produced products are more effective than Single color is beautiful, such as multi-color silicone products, silicone bags, and multi-color silicone gifts are used more.


3. Mold logo: Mold LOGO engraving is a relatively popular processing method at present, and the main process is to wash out the vacancy of the mold LOGO in the upper and lower molds during the early mold processing. If the LOGO needs a concave shape, dig out the LOGO seat on the lower mold. If it needs to protrude, dig out the seat on the upper mold. When the product is put on the raw material, fill in the LOGO part and vulcanize the product to get the desired LOGO shape. If you need other color LOGO, you need to dig out in the mold core. The color K seat, after making the LOGO secondary vulcanization separately, put it into the main mold, and make the color-separated LOGO to get a two-color product, with concave and convex to increase the visual beauty

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