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The difference of silicone and pvc products

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The difference of silicone and pvc products

    In daily life, we can often see silicone and PVC rubber products, but because the products are similar and difficult to distinguish, it will cause a lot of trouble. The following will teach you how to distinguish silicone and PVC products:

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1. Texture

There is a big difference between silicone and PVC. The silicone material will have a good meaty feel when touched by hand, will not appear old-fashioned, and the fineness of the material is better than that of PVC material, and the texture of PVC will have a slight rough feeling. No silicone material is soft and smooth.

2. Color

There is basically no difference in color between the newly produced silicone products and PVC products. However, after long-term use, PVC materials will appear sticky, discolored and yellowed, especially in light and heat environments, while silicone materials are rare. This kind of situation occurs, but some materials have yellowing.

3. Hardness

In terms of hardness, the hardness of silicone can be between 30-90, while the conventional hardness of PVC is between 50-95. Relatively speaking, the hardness of silicone material can be lower and softer, while the hardness of PVC material cannot reach that of silicone. The difference in softness and hardness is that silica gel is harder and has good resilience, while PVC has poor resilience.

4. Temperature

The difference in temperature effect is that the silicone material has a better effect. The processing temperature of silicone rubber processing manufacturers is about 180 degrees during the production process, and the normal temperature resistance effect is about -40 to 230 degrees, while the softening or melting temperature range of PVC: 75 ~90 degrees Celsius, there will be a certain degree of chemical reaction when the temperature exceeds the temperature. Silica gel appears whitish and burns, and PVC will soften and go out of the fire; smell: pungent sour taste.

5. Rebound

In terms of products, resilience is the most important difference between the two materials. Because of the good silicon molecular bonding strength of silicone materials, its resilience is relatively better, while PVC materials have greater polydispersity. The rebound effect is naturally not as prominent as the silicone material.

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