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The difference between two-component silicone and one-component silicone

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About one-component silicone

One-component silicone is a combination of the main agent and the curing agent. It is cured in contact with the moisture in the air. It is highly dependent on the air humidity. During curing, it is gradually cured from the surface to the inside. The curing depth is limited to 6mm. It is difficult to cure deep in the bondline.

One-component silicone is a flowable silicone that cures when excited by atmospheric moisture.

One-component silicone rubber is named after two-component silicone rubber. Different from the two-component silicone, the one-component silicone does not need to be mixed into the adhesive (curing agent) before use, and the one-component silicone has already added a latent curing agent to its production formula. This type of curing agent generally either starts to react and cures when it encounters a suitable high temperature or suitable water molecules.

One-component room temperature vulcanized silicone will produce small molecular gaseous substances during the curing process, which is a condensation type organic reaction (so it is also called condensation type silica gel). type, dealcohol type, deketoxime type, deamine type, etc. Different silicone have different odors, different corrosiveness to the substrate, different adhesion and adhesion to different materials, and different temperature resistance. For silicone manufacturers, the color, curing speed and viscosity of this type of glue can generally be tailored according to needs.

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About two-component silicone 

The two-component silicone is divided into two parts, A B, which needs to be matched in proportion when used. When curing, the inside and outside are cured at the same time, which can be used for thicker glue.

Two-component silcone is named differently from single-component silica gel. This type of glue is composed of two components, and the two components need to be mixed together in a certain proportion to cure.

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