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How to solve the problem that the printing liquid silicone does not stick on the fabric

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   With the continuous development of the clothing industry, various fabrics emerge in an endless stream. At the same time, printing silicone clothing accessories are widely used, which requires printing silicone to have good adhesion on the fabric. Many manufacturers will encounter poor adhesion in the production process.  So how to solve this problem?

  Dongguan Do Hearts Technology Co., Ltd. has found the reasons and solutions. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production and development of pvc dispensing machines, pvc injection machine,pvc production line,fabric embossing machine,elastic tape embossing machine,silicone coating machine,silicone printing machine etc.

The reasons and solutions are as follows:

Reason 1. The fabric has been treated with water repellent or silicone oil, and ordinary printing silicone cannot penetrate the fabric, resulting in weak bonding

Improvement plan: Reasonable selection and deployment of base printing silicone

Reason 2. For smooth fabrics such as polyester fabrics, silicone cannot produce good adhesion

Improvement plan: According to different fabrics, choose different silicone printing processes

Reason 3. Spandex, PU, PVC leather and other fabrics contain sulfides, which are "poisoned" with environmentally friendly printing silicone catalysts and affect the adhesion

Improvement plan: choose anti-poisoning catalyst

Reason 4. The fabric is too stretchy

Improvement plan: pay attention to whether the production fabric is consistent with the board fabric

Pay attention to the above points. According to the corresponding solutions, most of the problems that the screen printing silicone is not firmly bonded can be solved. For more information, welcome to consult Dongguan Do Hearts

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