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Safety of silicone products

Silicone products are safe and environmentally friendly, with soft and delicate texture. They have been widely used in our lives and are also an indispensable material in modern life. Such as silicone bracelets, mobile phone cases made of silicone, dolls, key chains, key covers, silicone kitchen

2022 06-17
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What is the reason for the uneven surface of silicone products?

What is the reason for the uneven surface of silicone products? The surface of the silicone products on the market feels smooth and delicate, and the hand feels very good. However, after buying it back and using it for a period of time, it will obviously feel that the surface of the product is not

2022 06-07
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What are the silicone products in daily life?

1. Daily necessities kitchen utensils: silicone cups, silicone bowls, silicone dots, silicone straps, silicone spoons, silicone brushes, silicone cake molds, silicone ice trays, silicone lids, silicone shovels, silicone gloves, silicone dough kneading bags, silicone leak pockets. 2. Silicone daily n

2022 04-07
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The characteristics of silicone rubber products

Silicone material is mainly a compound derived from the combination of organosilicon and silicon atoms. The main material is siloxane. It is also a type of silicon chain compound that is the most used and connected. The material is insoluble in the fusion material and does not interact with any Subs

2021 12-07
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