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How to control the glue output of dispensing machine

There are two ways to dispense glue from the glue dispensing machine. One way is to give the glue a certain pressure. The glue will be squeezed from the dispensing needle to the surface or inside of the product under the action of pressure. The second way is to set the glue time. The longer the g

2022 08-17
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Problems and solutions of wrong glue in the use of dispenser

When using the glue dispenser, choice correct glue is very important. If the glue is inverted when the pressure barrel is fed, it will have a great impact on production. The operator needs to clarify the solution. Problems occur during operation, so it is also more important for the technical tr

2022 05-28
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What is dispensing machine?

Dispensing machine, also known as dripping machine,filling machine, glue applicator, glue dispenser, glue machine, etc., is specially designed to control the fluid. Dispensing machine is a automatic machine that drips and coats the fluid on the surface of the product or inside the product can re

2022 03-09
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What is an automated glue dispensing machine?

The traditional adhesive release is realized by manual operation by the workers. There are more and more dosing processes in industrial production and the requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. The traditional glue dispenser is operated manually by the workers. With the rapid development

2022 01-24
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