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PVC silicone injection machine and silicone press machine install in customer factory

A customer in Hunan is a company that produces rubber keychains, with a large production output and various styles. Therefore, our company designed a set of automatic and efficient production line according to his situation and needs, with automatic PVC production line, 4 sets PVC silicone inject

2023 03-31
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What is a plastic injection molding machine?

The plastic injection molding machine is developed based on rubber machines and metal pressure casting machines. Since the advent of polymer injection molding technology and simple molding equipment in the 1870s as an industry, it has only developed rapidly in the 1930s. The processing equipment for

2022 01-11
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What does the plastic injection molding machine mean?

The plastic injection molding machine is a method of injection and molding. Its equipment is called a plastic injection molding machine. The plastic injection molding machine is the main molding equipment for the production of thermoplastic and duroplastic plastics for different plastic products. Or

2022 01-06
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How much do you know about the plastic injection molding machine?

The injection molding machine has been the main molding equipment for the production of thermoplastic or duroplastic plastics in various forms of plastic products using plastic molding tools. It can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and fully electric. The injection molding machine can heat the

2021 12-08
How to use the injection molding machine?

About 30% of the plastic raw materials in the world are used for injection molding, and injection molding machines account for about 40% of the total output of plastic machinery, and have become an important part of the plastic processing industry and plastic machinery industry, and it is a growth i

2021 12-16
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