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What is tape glue dispenser?

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What is tape glue dispenser?

  Tapes glue dispenser is a machine that sprays liquid silicone directly onto the moving webbing from the die mouth by using high pressure

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What is the structure of tape glue dispenser?

  Tapes glue dispenser is mainly composed of glue supply part, loose tape part, tape conveying part, baking part,tape take-up part and control part

What is the work principle of tape glue dispenser?

  The liquid silicone is transported to the mold by means of pressurization---stabilization---metering, and then sprayed onto the moving webbing through the die mouth. After baking, the tape will form a piece of silicone. The tapes is coated with linear silicone of different sizes. By swinging the die left and right, a regular wave, grid-shaped pattern is formed on the tapes.

What is the application of tape glue dispenser?

  The tapes glue dispenser is mainly used for underwear shoulder straps, sports pants cuffs, sports clothes cuffs, trousers waist, shoelaces, dog belts, etc.

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