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Silicone rubber sealing ring

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The application of silicone sealing rings

  Silicone sealing rings are mainly used for waterproof sealing and preservation of daily necessities such as fresh-keeping boxes, rice cookers, water dispensers, lunch boxes, insulation boxes, incubators, water cups, ovens, magnetized cups, coffee pots, etc.

The features of silicone sealing rings

1. Has excellent sealing performance, waterproof and leak-proof.

2. Good preservation effect, completely non-toxic and tasteless.

3. It can be heated at high temperature without deformation and no harmful substances.

4. Good tensile strength, after special inspection and testing.

5. Long-term use will not yellow or fade.

6. Corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature resistance, in line with FDA and SGS standards.

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