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How to make pvc rubber photo frame

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   The PVC rubber photo frame is made of PVC environmental protection material, which has been tested by SGS, and the product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The PVC soft plastic photo frame has the advantages of soft hand feeling, good elasticity, bright color and beautiful appearance. Photo frames are often placed on desks at home and at work, and the advertising effect is obvious. The advertising photo frame can be screen-printed with logo patterns, promotional terms, and congratulatory texts of enterprises and businesses for advertising. Let's briefly introduce how the PVC soft plastic photo frame is made?

   1. The raw material of the PVC soft plastic photo frame is made of pvc through the proportioning oil, color paste and color matching, and stirring evenly. The color master will evenly mix each color in a certain proportion, and color according to the Pantone color number of the picture file. This process is an important part of the production of the entire soft plastic photo frame. All pattern colors are manually toned-contrast color number-NG Re-adjustment - secondary color matching - confirming OK with the color inspection card - the whole process is completed.

2.Vacuum the adjusted PVC material in sequence, and pump out the air inside the PVC material to avoid bubble holes in production and cause defects.

3. Put the adjusted PVC material into the material tank, the dispenser operator accurately inputs the color of each part into the glue dispenser according to the color of the PVC cartoon photo frame file, tests the glue dispensing of the photo frame mold several times, and confirms the pinhole wiring sequence. Experiment with dispensing and complete all dispensing instructions.

4. Put the glued photo frame mold into the PVC oven and bake it.

5. The operator sticks the finished photo frame to the plastic backboard, bakes and glues it again, and a 3D three-dimensional pvc cartoon photo frame is finished.

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