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Food grade silicone rubber products in Kitchenware

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  Because of good characteristics, environmental protection and safety, silicone material has a lot of application space. We can see silicone rubber  products everywhere in our lives, and many businesses have applied silicone to kitchen utensils.,therefore ,food grade silicone has been produced. The following let's list the food-grade silicone kitchen utensils in life.

  Silicone kitchen utensils have plastic cups, silicone bowls, silicone dots, silicone straps, silicone spoons, silicone brushes, silicone cake molds, silicone ice trays, silicone lids, silicone spatulas, silicone gloves, silicone kneading bags, silicone leak pockets


Silicone cake mold, silicone brush,silicone spatula,silicone spoon,etc.

   DO Hearts company can support these products and support silicone machines to make silicone kitchen utensils,if you are insterested,welcome to contact us.

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